Redbridge homes plans

Redbridge Council say they are actively increasing the supply of affordable housing through a range of build and regeneration schemes that will deliver around 480 affordable new homes and 60 extra care affordable homes, between 2014-18.

Some of these schemes are being developed by partner ‘Housing Associations’ and others by the Council. Many are already in progress, so by March 2015 95 new homes should be ready for residents to move in to.

The Council has plans, between 2014-18, to complete around 150 homes using Greater London Authority (GLA) funding and its own resources. The first phase of the Council’s own development started in August 2014 and, following the 9 completions in March 2015, there is a further 7 due for completion in September 2015.

The Council has committed £2.55 million of funding and has secured £0.51 million funding from the GLA for this first phase. The Council has also secured funding from the GLA to bring 10 empty homes back into use. The Council has made an additional funding bid for further new homes.

The council are also planning to bring 100 empty properties back into use this year which is on target. We also have an empty properties initiative in place to assist owners of empty properties to bring their properties back into use.

Councillor Muhammed Javad, Cabinet Member for Housing said: “The regeneration schemes to build new houses and renovate empty ones is proof that we are taking our priorities to provide affordable housing seriously.

“This is great news for families who are waiting to be rehoused.“